My Approach


“Don’t eat anything your Great-Great Grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”


Food is medicine.

My philosophy on food is just this: It can either hurt or heal you. What you put into your body has a direct relation to what you get out of your body. Energy, mood, strength, love for self.  It all comes around to what you are eating.

How do you feel AFTER you’ve eaten a burger, fries and a milkshake? Do you feel happy? Strong? Like you could run a marathon? The answer here, is most often, “no”.  Now how do you feel after you’ve eaten a “dense” nutritional meal (roasted veggies and potatoes with a pan seared piece of salmon or grass-fed, grass -finished steak)? Can you tell that it’s literally feeding your cells? Do you feel happy? Strong? Like you could run a marathon? (If you’re like me, I only run if something is chasing me, and even then, I would probably just turn around and fight it. lol. winkBut if I was ever to run a marathon, I would eat a dense nutritional meal first!)

My approach was learned through becoming an NTP through the NTA. Address the foundations first: Digestion, Blood Sugar, Fatty Acids, Dense-nutrition, Minerals, and Hydration. By taking the approach of eating whole, unprocessed foods like your great-great grandmother ate, food can truly heal you.


how I support my clients

My Approach

Item No. 1

Initial Consulation:

  •  The initial session, either by phone or zoom, we will go over the Initial Interview, food journal, and NAQ. From this, I can create a better understanding of where you are in your needs.
  • Payment is agreed upon depending upon which package you’ve chosen.
  • I will give you 1-3 action steps to start right away.

Item No. 2

  •   A tailored plan will be made and agreed upon at the next phone call which is usally within 3 days of reviewing the information. Additional tools for success will be given, plus, any information you may have requested.
  •  A follow-up phone call after your first week to see how you are doing with the recommendations.

Item No. 3

If you’ve chosen the individual plan, we will “zoom” at your convenience. Or, if you’ve chosen the  3-or 6-month plan, we will have bi-weekly calls or “zoom” until the end of the package. 

If you’ve chosen”Insulin Resistence Support” or “Struggle Bus Support”, we will “zoom” or have phone calls at scheduled times. Those packages also include support emails and phone calls.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is the holistic approach to diet, taking into consideration one’s lifestyle factors that could affect their food choices, such as activity levels, environment, or the presence of chronic disease. You may be wondering how this is different from standard nutrition practice, but the key is in the holistic approach.

How is it different?

Functional Nutrition is Personal Personalization is the main difference between functional and conventional nutrition. Functional nutrition focuses on the patient instead of the disease. It is a personalized method of optimizing your health based on your individual genetics, lab values, lifestyle, and more.

Functional nutrition is the practice of considering every aspect of one’s health, diet, and overall lifestyle when giving them nutrition recommendations.

What can NTPs help with?

NTPs focus on the “root causes” of health dysfunction, rather than just addressing symptoms. Looking at diet, digestion and lifestyle helps support the foundations of overall health, rather than just one or two issues. Many people certainly want help fixing one or two issues, and NTPs can help with that, but many people leave with other issues being resolved at the same time! If someone comes in complaining of bloating and indigestion, Nutritional Therapy can address that, but at the same time, these clients will find that their mood is more balanced, that they lose weight, their skin is clearer, and their energy levels increase. They may have not even known that they had issues in these areas!

Besides prevention, NTPs can also help you with a plethora of conditions. Some examples include bloating, digestive distress, constipation, gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, joint pain, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions, stress levels, energy levels, and weight management. As I mentioned, I cannot diagnose or cure these conditions, and I cannot guarantee any results, but I can help you support your body’s foundational health and aid in its self-healing.

What is a Nutrititional Therapy Practitioner?

“A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is a nutritional therapist certified by the NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association) to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. NTPs are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, injuries, or diseases.”

What does an NTP do?

NTPs help clients tap into their body’s “innate intelligence” to support the foundations of health and get the systems working properly.

What is your body’s “innate intelligence?” Well, basically, your body knows what it needs to heal itself. 

By giving our bodies the nutrients it needs, and by insuring that through proper digestion, that our body is actually absorbing these nutrients, we can support our body’s natural pathway to health.

As an NTP, I cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Instead, I work with you to balance your body and support your systems so your body can heal itself. You can work with me alongside working with a doctor, and we can focus on helping your body heal through a nutrient-dense diet, lifestyle modifications and making sure you are properly digesting and absorbing what you eat.

How do I know if working with an NTP is right for me?

As an NTP, I can help you with nutrition, but I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to diet. So, don’t expect me to tell you to go paleo, vegan or keto, unless those diets will work for you! As an NTP, I believe in taking your unique needs into account (bio-individuality). I can help you improve your diet and lifestyle for general health, and for preventative care to help you prevent health problems as you get older. Many of these problems can be prevented by addressing lifestyle changes or diet now!

Anyone struggling with health issues could use the help of an NTP. We come from a real food, holistic approach. Certainly, if you are looking to manage your weight, help with digestive issues or autoimmune conditions, an NTP can help you. If you are diagnosed with a health condition that requires the care of a doctor, however, please make sure that you are under the care of one! Recommendations from NTPs do NOT constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. I will work alongside your doctor’s recommendations, and support your body’s healing through diet, digestive support, and lifestyle modifications.

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“One should eat to live, not live to eat.” – Benjamin Franklin

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Child

“Over weeks and months …you will get addicted to the awesome taste of healthy food…and start wondering why you never did it earlier!” – The Fitness Doc