Complimentary Health Evaluation

This informative and free 20-minute call is the first step. It allows us to discuss your current health challenges and goals and to determine whether functional nutrition is right for you.

To request your Complimentary Health Evaluation, simply reach out to me through my contact form. I will send you a questionnaire to better understand your current situation, which we will review together during our call.

Individual Sessions

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation 

All services begin with this 90-minute initial interview where we address your health concerns, medical/family history, current medications, detailed symptom information, assessment results, and food journal. We will work together to design a personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol that addresses your health concerns and moves you toward your health goals.


Follow Up Sessions and Packages

In our follow up sessions, we will review progress, conduct any reassessments as needed, adjust your dietary plan if needed, and update your personalized plan.

$80 per follow up session

Follow up session packages are available at a reduced rate of $275 for 4 sessions or $500 for 8 sessions.

Comprehensive Programs

These programs allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. 

Insulin Resistance Support


People who are struggling with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and T2 diabetes, whom want to gain a better understanding of how their bodies and hormones are meant to work.


This 3-month program is designed to optimize your body’s hormonal health through personalized nutrition protocols and guidance. We will identify and create a plan for addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies to strengthen your digestion to better absorb nutrients, support energy consistency and reduce the stress on your body.

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation and four follow up sessions, weekly meal plan, as well as phone and email support.


Struggle Bus Support


Women who are struggling with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight loss and whom are getting nowhere, to get to
the root of the real issue to help accomplish their health goals by bringing a whole foods approach to nurturing and healing their bodies.


This eight-week program will teach you how to use whole-food nutrition to ease the cravings, strengthen and balance your body systems to keep you healthy, supply high-quality nutrients, gain a better understanding of your body and its needs so you can become kind and patient with yourself and finally experience a sense of personal dignity.

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation and two follow up sessions, weekly meal plan, as well as phone and email support.


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“Most of my life I have struggled with issues I assumed to be ‘normal’, but I reached a point where I wanted to find a reason and solution to my problems. Things I had struggled with heavily for a long time were IBS, Acid Reflx and foggy brain. To get to solve even one of those issues or know why it happens, is why I was excited to work with Heather.

My way of handling my symptoms, on my own, wasn’t solving the issues, but masking them, and with her help and recommendations I have not had the issues I was facing.

When I broke my recommended protocol months later, I instantly noticed a difference, I felt the same horrible way I used to. Which to me, was all the proof I needed to know that the human body, if given the opportunity, can function at an optimal level, we just need to be shown how to read the cues and that’s exactly what Heather does. She takes your symptoms and helps find a way toward your goals.”


“Heather is an absolutely amazing person. She is very understanding and non-judgemental. She listens to everything you have to say and will make you feel very comfortable. I learned a lot while working with her for my sugar addiction issues and am stll learning. I recommend her to everyone!”


What is an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)?

“A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is a nutritional therapist certified by the NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association) to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. NTPs are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, injuries, or diseases.”

What are the “foundations” of health you talk about?

The NTA teaches that these are the foundations: a diet consisting of properly-prepared, nutrient-dense foods, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration.

The human body is a beautiful machine, when everything is working together.

What can NTP’s help with?

NTPs focus on the “root causes” of health dysfunction, rather than just addressing symptoms. Looking at diet, digestion and lifestyle helps support the foundations of overall health, rather than just one or two issues. Many people certainly want help fixing one or two issues, and NTPs can help with that, but many people leave with other issues being resolved at the same time! If someone comes in complaining of bloating and indigestion, Nutritional Therapy can address that, but at the same time, these clients will find that their mood is more balanced, that they lose weight, their skin is clearer, and their energy levels increase. They may have not even known that they had issues in these areas!

Besides prevention, NTPs can also help you with a plethora of conditions. Some examples include bloating, digestive distress, constipation, gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, joint pain, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions, stress levels, energy levels, and weight management. As I mentioned, I cannot diagnose or cure these conditions, and I cannot guarantee any results, but I can help you support your body’s foundational health and aid in its self-healing.

What does an NTP do?

NTPs help clients tap into their body’s “innate intelligence” to support the foundations of health and get the systems working properly.

What is your body’s “innate intelligence?” Well, basically, your body knows what it needs to heal itself. 

By giving our bodies the nutrients it needs, and by insuring that through proper digestion, that our body is actually absorbing these nutrients, we can support our body’s natural pathway to health.

As an NTP, I cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Instead, I work with you to balance your body and support your systems so your body can heal itself. You can work with me alongside working with a doctor, and we can focus on helping your body heal through a nutrient-dense diet, lifestyle modifications and making sure you are properly digesting and absorbing what you eat.

How do I know if working with an NTP is right for me?

As an NTP, I can help you with nutrition, but I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to diet. So, don’t expect me to tell you to go paleo, vegan or keto, unless those diets will work for you! As an NTP, I believe in taking your unique needs into account (bio-individuality). I can help you improve your diet and lifestyle for general health, and for preventative care to help you prevent health problems as you get older. Many of these problems can be prevented by addressing lifestyle changes or diet now!

Anyone struggling with health issues could use the help of an NTP. We come from a real food, holistic approach. Certainly, if you are looking to manage your weight, help with digestive issues or autoimmune conditions, an NTP can help you. If you are diagnosed with a health condition that requires the care of a doctor, however, please make sure that you are under the care of one! Recommendations from NTPs do NOT constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. I will work alongside your doctor’s recommendations, and support your body’s healing through diet, digestive support, and lifestyle modifications.

What do I expect when we work together?

I consult with clients online and via phone, so you don’t even have to live near Lynnwood to get help! First, you will be asked to answer some in-depth information about you, your health issues, and what you’d like to address with with nutritional therapy. You’ll then be given a link to a form that asks you very in-depth questions about your general health. Then, I’ll have you fill out a three-day food journal, which will help me see where you are and where you can make modifications. There is no judgement with these food journals, and no one is perfect! It’s important to be honest when filling these out, to get the best recommendations from me. And be prepared, we will be talking about your poop. I know, it sounds gross, but it’s very important. 

In this Initial Consultation, I will provide you with 1-3 action steps to implement before our next visit(usually within 7 days). In the 2nd visit you will be part of making and finalizing (agreeing to) the plan towards optimizing your health. This will be emailed to you after our visit and if you’d like, you can then make the decision to schedule a follow up session or purchase a package.

Book a Free Consultation

Are you tired of diving down the rabbit holes of the internet for what might be ailing you? Do you believe that food can either hurt or heal you? Are you open for a nutritional approach to your issues instead of just popping more pills? 

If you work with me, I promise that I’ll help you discover and implement the simplest, most direct approach for achieving your health goals and bring a better understanding of how your body works.

“My Genetics are NOT my destiny!” – author unknown

“It takes courage to change, resilience to tolerate and discomfort for growth.” – author unknown

“Do someting today that your future self with thank you for.” – author unknown