Well, I’m back. And can I say that I am feeling so much better. Day 3 was a little rough though. I was tired most of the day. I’m sure it’s just my body kicking the sugar and getting used to this new way of eating. Day 4, I had an incredible amount of energy (thank goodness because I’m working between 2 stores right now). Day 5, I was a little tired but NOT as bad as day 3. For those of you who don’t know, I am an a health journey to heal my body from years of abuse I’ve done to myself.

Overworked. Ate junk. Didn’t get enough movement. Alcohol consumption was at times a little too much. Ate fried food/fast food. You name it, I did most of it. But then a few years ago I started to get really sick. This was AFTER I had decided to try to get myself healthier. This was also about the time I was in my early 40’s. Hmm, that’s something to think about. Anybody else notice that there were “side effects” to turning 40?

Fast forward to now. I’ve gone to school to become an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and after doing Whole30 for the month of June, then going back to some old habits of binging, I’ve now decided to do a Whole30 AIP eating regiment. Whole30 omits: SUGAR; GRAINS; LEGUMES/BEANS; ALCOHOL; DAIRY; CARAGEENAN, MSG, OR SULFITES; NO WEIGHING YOURSELF FOR ENTIRE 30 DAYS; AND NO MAKING “FRANKENFOODS” (a concoction of whole30 approved foods made into the desserts and feel good foods you are used to).

I’ve just kicked it up a notch by doing AIP (Auto Immune Protocol). So in addition to the above “No-No’s”, add in: NO COFFEE (the hardest part for me because I am a coffee addict); NO NUTS/SEEDS; NO EGGS; NO DAIRY OF ANY KIND (not even ghee); NO NIGHTSHADES (white potatoes (yams and sweet potatoes are ok), tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and gogi berries); NO TOBACCO (I kicked my smoking and chewing habit years ago); NO REFINED OILS (coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil are ok); NO NSAIDS (This is hard for me because I am in a constant state of pain, whether it be from my Endo or back, I’ve got pain every day). Another big reason that I chose to do this. A lot of these “No-No” foods are inflammatory. Inflammation causes pain.

So, what can I eat?  Below are days 3-5 of what I’ve been eating:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

  • an apple; Mexican Breakfast Skillet
  • one spinach avocado turkey burger (it was a busy day at work and this was eaten in my car on my way home)
  • watermelon (it was 90 degrees outside. 🙁  )
  • Sweet potato fries; Avocado Bacon Broccoli Salad, and a grilled hamburger

You see that on day 5, it was just all about the leftovers and that’s why Meal Prep is so good to do. I had extra stuff for when my work week got busy. It’s pretty easy to either double the recipe or to just be cooking for yourself. When you’re on a health journey, you HAVE to put yourself first. You can’t keep giving from an empty cup, you have to fill your cup first!

In health,

Heather Z.